P2D Online Grower Toolbox and Materials

In 2016, the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources funded a Rural R&D for Profit research project called 'Accelerating precision agriculture to decision agriculture' (P2D). The project was led by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation. The P2D project brought together all 15 RDCs for the first time, to develop six projects that evaluated the current and desired state of digital agriculture in Australia. The P2D Project’s Report will be released in February 2018, and the P2D website is here.

The need for data education, literacy and skill development
Digital agriculture is transforming agri-food networks, and new technologies have been introduced and are embedded in many parts of the agri-food supply chain. An essential part of the “digital agriculture revolution” is data. From GPS-enabled tractors and drones to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, producers and traders have access to a vast array of data to help measure performance, and make better informed decisions and increase efficiency.

Education, literacy and skill development around agricultural data is crucial. Indeed, one of the key findings of the P2D project is that education and skill development are required within the whole agricultural value chain. Education and skill development are also required to ensure that agriculture is serviced by technology developers, data analysts and service providers who understand the digital requirements of Australian agriculture. Grower education is also valuable to ensure clarity between all parties and stakeholders.

This website provides online resources and materials aimed at increasing awareness, literacy and skills around data management.

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