Genetic resources map

One of ACIPA's current projects, which is funded by the ARC Discovery Project Securing Australia's Food and Fibre Futures: IP and Access to Plant Genetic Resources, involves assessing the genetic resources held in collections across Australia. Our initial attempt to identify these collections yielded two results; firstly, there is a huge amount of heterogeneity across Australia - identifying collections, which range from makeshift field labs to the network of CSIRO 'Australia' collections - is no easy feat. Secondly, the disparate nature of these collections has confounded previous attempts to catalogue them. There have been several valiant attempts in this direction, including the Atlas of Living Australia Collection and the CCinfo project, however several state level collections have not been captured by either of these projects. There is also a deeper problem with such cataloguing efforts - beyond their partiality - they give no indication of how such collections are accessed and by whom. To address these problems ACIPA is producing a comprehensive map of genetic resource collections managed at the state-level by Departments of Prmary Indusry.

Use the filter box to search by keyword or check / uncheck the categories in the left hand and pane (Botanical Gardens and Arboretums, Herbariums, Collections) to add or remove them from the map. Click on map markers for more details about resources.

Data entry and map formatting completed by ACIPA research assistant Sam Sherrie.