Fran Humphries

Em: frances.humphries@griffith.edu.au

Fran’s expertise is primarily in the area of biological resource law, having spent over a decade as a solicitor advising governments on fisheries, aquaculture and biosecurity law followed by three years of research in genetic resources and intellectual property as part of her PhD. She is now a Research Fellow at the Law Futures Centre, Griffith University, coordinating a project on ecological governance in Northern Australia. The project relates to Commonwealth, Northern Territory, Western Australian and Queensland laws affecting sectors including agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries. She is also conducting further research on governance of aquatic genetic resources for use in aquaculture and other sectors.

Selected Publications

‘A Stewardship Approach to Legitimate Interests in Deep Sea Genetic Resources for Use in Aquaculture’ (2017) 40(1) University of NSW Law Journal (forthcoming).

‘The Rising Tide of Access and Benefit Sharing in Aquaculture’ in Nigel Bankes, David VanderZwaag and Irene Dahl, Aquaculture Law and Policy: International, Regional and National Perspectives (Edward Elgar, 2016) 63-100.

‘Technology Transfer of Aquatic Genetic Resources under the Convention on Biological Diversity and Nagoya Protocol: “Sponging” off Patent Law Defences’ (2016) 39(1) University of NSW Law Journal 234-272.

‘Unnaturally Natural: Inventing and Eating Genetically Engineered AquAdvantage Salmon, and the Paradox of Nature’ in Charles Lawson and Berris Charnley, Intellectual Property and Genetically Modified Organisms: A Convergence in Laws (Ashgate 2015) 185 (with Jay Sanderson).

‘Shellfish Patents Krill Experimentation: Defences for Sharing Patented Aquatic Genetic Materials’ (2015) 37(4) European Intellectual Property Review 210-224.

‘Patenting Genetic Material in Aquaculture: a Red Herring or an Emerging Issue to Tackle?’ (2015) 7 Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development 1.