Farmers' and livestock keepers' rights

ACIPA is currently involved in analysing the current and potential role of intellectual property and sui generis cultural and intellectual property regimes in the recognition and protection of farmers' and livestock keepers' rights, including the protection of native seeds and breeds and traditional knowledge related to agrobiodiversity. A part of this research investigation is being carried out on the role of indigenous peoples' own customary laws in the protection of their traditional knowledge and biological and genetic resources. Research also includes examination of innovative proposals for the use of open source licensing, biocultural protocols and geographical indicators to secure rights over traditional knowledge and native seed and breed varieties. This work also considers the interrelationship between intellectual property and the legal regimes of Indigenous peoples and local communities and the manner in which this relationship is being addressed in international and national law and its impact on food security.

collecting potato varieties at the Potato Park in Peru
Arariwa (community conservationists) preparing native potato varieties at the Potato Park in Cusquo, Peru, for shipment to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.